Simulations, Aeration, DiffusersWe manufacture and commercialize high performance aquaculture aeration equipments, with the following characteristics:

  • Reduce energy consumption of existing aeration systems to a third.
  • Avoid the use of liquid oxygen, which is a huge cost saving. The investment pays off quickly.
  • Require very low pressures. Less than 30 mbar of losses in the air line and less than 20 cm of water pumping (avoidable if taken advantage of transfer between tanks)
  • Have a very effective system that prevents from clogging.
  • Manufactured in very strong and durable plastic materials.
  • Designed to be installed and uninstalled quickly, facilitating collection tasks.

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Simulations, Aeration, Diffusers

Simulations, Aeration, DiffusersD&B equipment achieves high level performance for gases dissolutions.

  • Can generate bubbles having an average size less than 100 microns.
  • Minimizes energy consumption.
  • Operates with low pressures of air and water (below 0.5 bar).
  • Has a very effective system that prevents jams.
  • Made of very strong and durable plastic, such as PVC or polyethylene.

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Simulations, Aeration, Diffusers

vectores-tanqueSimulations, Aeration, Diffusers

Our culture tanks minimize hydraulic losses and eliminate dead zones and areas of solids 

settlement. Furthermore by controlling the intensity of turbulence, we can increase the mixture of CO2 and nutrients throughout the tank thereby increasing productivity.

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Simulations, Aeration, Diffusers

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